Clifton Forlines

US Patents

U.S. Patent 6,764,185 Projector as an Input and Output Device (with Paul Beardsley, Dirk Brinkman, and Ramesh Raskar)
U.S. Patent 7,139,006 System and method for presenting and browsing images serially (with Alan Esenther, Thomas Lanning, and Kent Wittenburg)
U.S. Patent 7,179,171 Fish breeding toy for cellular telephones (with Joseph Marks)
U.S. Patent 7,292,269 Context aware projector (with Ramesh Raskar and Paul Beardsley)
U.S. Patent 7,327,376 Multi-user collaborative graphical user interfaces (with Chia Shen and Frederic Vernier)
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U.S. Patent 7,486,274 Method for stabilizing and precisely locating pointers generated by handheld direct pointing devices (with Ravin Balakrishnan )
U.S. Patent 7,526,725 Context aware video conversion method and playback system
U.S. Patent 7,640,518 Method and system for switching between absolute and relative pointing with direct input devices (with Ravin Balakrishnan)
U.S. Patent 7,773,099 Context aware image conversion method and playback system (with Anthony Vetro)

Public US Patent Applications

Interface for Remote Controllers
Method for Presenting Images to Identify Target Objects
Inverted direct touch sensitive input devices (with Daniel Wigdor, Chia Shen, John Barnwell, and Sam Shipman)
Method and system for switching between absolute and relative pointing with direct input devices (with Ravin Balakrishnan)
Method and system for adapting a single-client, single-user application to a multi-user, multi-client environment (with Alan Esenther, Chia Shen, Daniel Wigdor, and Kathy Ryall)
Control system for differentiating multiple users (with Paul Dietz, Bret Harsham, Sam Shipman, Darren Leigh, Bill Yerazunis, Bent Schmidt-Nielsen, and Kathy Ryall )
Method and system for manipulating graphical objects displayed on a touch-sensitive display surface using displaced pop-ups (with Fred Vernier, Chia Shen, and Mark Hancock )
Video presentation using compositional structures (with Tom Lanning, Ajay Divakaran, Kadir Peker, Regunathan Radhakrishnan, and Ziyou Xiong )
Method for editing graphics objects with multi-level input devices (with Chia Shen)
Conflict resolution for graphic multi-user interface (with Meredith J. Ringel, Kathleen Ryall, Chia Shen, and Frederic Vernier )
Hand gesture interaction with touch surface (with Michael Wu, Chia Shen, and Kathleen Ryall)
Method for rendering with composited images on cellular telephones (with Joseph Marks)